Photoes from our beach days


We are lucky to have this beach nearby. Get in the car and drive for 25 minutes along the lake and there’s the beach/campsite for anyone to enjoy. The kids go swimming no matter how cold, I need a couple of weeks of good temperatures and sunny weather in order to venture in.

Emma used to stay home when we went there the other summers, she whined and was restless about it when she was younger. Now she’s six, a middle aged lady, so to speak, so she’s more relaxed in public.  But when the girls go swimming she’s on her toes, constantly looking for them. If they go to the other side of the little “pier”, she occationally whines for them. When they come up for lunch or to lay in the sun she relaxes and has a nap.

Where are the girls?


Oh, there they are:


They’re up and resting now:DSC04647(1)

so then I can have a nap:


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