Wedding anniversary

Today, Hubby and I have been married for 19 years. Every year we’ve had to rummage to find our marriage certificate and check the date to be sure we remembered correctly. This year I double checked in advance. The date itself isn’t that important, but we usually make a point out of doing something for ourselves around that time. This year we haven’t really planned anything. Beside, Bill’s best friend just died on Thursday, the funeral is on Friday. This has made us think even more about how lucky we are to be here, now, in this life situation. Especially after Bill was in a serious car accident three years ago. Sure there are things we wish were different, there are people we wish we had closer to us since we are far away from his family in  Canada. But still: Happy Anniversary, Hubby. I love you.I’m lucky.

One response to “Wedding anniversary

  1. Herlig innlegg og GRATULERER MEDvel overstått 19 år!!!

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