Man, it’s hot and sticky

I had to start another blog in order to continue. Please go to: hhtp ://   and if you have my on your list of Favourites etc, please change it. See ya!

Staying at home most days of my vacation- and high temperatures like we are having now- means that I have extremely slow mornings and have to go slow during the day.  I always walk around witha a little devil whispering from it’s place on my shoulder: You have to do more useful things aound the house. But it feels like I don’t get much done. Then comes late afternoon and I realize I’ve done quite a few things after all- AND have had time to relax and enjoy my day.

Today it feels especially hot and sticky- they called for some rain showers in the late afternoon/evening. And it looks like it’s true from underneat my big umbrella on the porch:


I’m soaked and in great need of a shower since I have

1. Done laundry, taken care of untidiness (in every room!)

2. vacuumed and emptied and filled dishwasher

3. Started cleaning out the storage room in the basement. NOT  a job done in a day!

Carly is off to a friend where they have a pool. Kristi is totally hung up on Sims3 when she isn’t talking to me. She is leaving for a week’s national scout camp on Friday and should probably start thinking about packing… I should remind her.

Bill is coming back a day early from his out- of-town office since he wants to finish some work on the porch deck before we attend the funeral for his best friend/previous boss onFriday. Most likely we’ll have four-five co-workers over for lunch after since they all live a couple of hours’ drive from here.

No creative time so far today, but I’m bringing my crochet out to the porch now to sit around listening to the radio, drinking cold juice for a half hour.

One response to “Man, it’s hot and sticky

  1. Så koseleg blogg du har! Ha ei fin veke!

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