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Igrunnen bare godt.

Godt: Så kom heldigvis datteren seg der hun sitter i Kristiansand og spiser antibiotika. Det betød at jeg ikke slang meg i bilen og dro dit for å forsøke å fòre henne mens hun hadde ligget slapp i senga. Nå fòrer hun seg selv og kjenner seg litt bedre og er klar for skolegang i morgen tidlig.

Godt: Bill og jeg har vært på hytta og der hadde vi et møte med snekker som fikk høre om våre utbyggingsplaner der , de  svevde foreløpig  uten forankring i virkeligheten . De ble ikke sablet ned men lot seg visst gjennomføre og han kunne ta jobben om ikke denne høsten , så fra neste, så nå kan vi rykke èn plass fram: få i stand tegninger som kan sendes inn til det som forhåpentligvis resulterer i en aksept på kommunenivå.

Godt: Vi fant litt mer molter, vi hadde biffer på bålet (og de ble perfekte) og vi sov godt i stillheten der oppe. Men det skal tilføyes at det var kaldt! Og løvet hadde begynt å bli brunt her og der. Hva er det med det? Molter , visnende løv og blomstrende lyng… litt vel tidlig.  Men pent var det når regnbuen kom på toppen av det hele.

Good thing: The studying daghter is on the mend, eating antibiotics and not needing for me to throw myself in the car and drive down to her in order to feed and nurture her. Instead she is now eating her own prepared food and getting ready for school tomorrow morning.

Good : Bill and I went to the cottage thsi weekend and talked to a carpenter that  didn’t shoot down our hopes and plans on adding on some more roomes to the cottage  and he could do the job next fall/winter. That means we can go ahead with drawings and send them in for what hoepfully results in approval from the commune.


Good: We found some more cloudberries, we had steaks on the fire outside (and they were perfect) and we slept like logs in the silence up there. But I have to add that it was cold and the leaves had started turning brown.

What’s with that?! Withering leaves, the end of cloudberry season and flowering heather a few weeks too early. But it was pretty when the rainbow framed it all!


Going home

We had to either go up to Rauland for some shopping today (what happened? I usually plan well!) or go home tomorrow instead of Saturday. After some talking about it we decided to go home late this afternoon. The weather forecast isn’t the greatest . We are watching ski races today too, but soon we’ll start cleaning up a bit and organize our stuff and pack our bags. Before Bill got his snowmobile  we had to call the farmer to come pick us up and he charged us for each ride. That’s fine, the farmers up here have strong snowmobiles and great sleds. It is nice to be on our own schedule, though. No stress to get ready at a certain time. When we’re done, er’re done- and then we’ll leave the cottage.


As far as knitting go I suspect I might be able to finish mom’s  shawl this weekend. Depends how much time I put in.


Nightie night

I woke at three last night and couldn’t go back to sleep… In the end I got up and sat here in this little cottage as quiet as a mouse with my knitting and my book. (Jo Nesbø: Frelseren. Man, he’s good!!) At six I gave the dog her breakfast and let her out and turned the tv on low to watch biathlon. Carly and Bill got up around 8:30. I was ready for the second round of coffee.. When Kristi came a couple of hours later it was with her blanket and a feeling of being very sick. She has spent the entire day on the couch. Hope she feels better tomorrow!

I had to cave in and have a nap myself around 2:00. I slept like a baby for two hours and then supper was almost ready and I felt so refreshed. I’ve done nothing but some knitting, needlepoint, journaling and some cleaning up today. Tomorrow we are hoping for a good day weatherwise. They call for some sun and we thought we’d have a fire and eat hot dogs outside. We’ll have to see about the meal if Kristi is better. But we’ll definetly spend more time outdoors than today!

Now everyone is sleeping exept me. The dog was given to small pieces of chicken today. It’s the second time we try some regular food other than her special dry food for sensitive stomachs. As all the others went to bed she puked and begged to run outside and relieve herself . Now she has settled into her bed and she’ll hopefully sleep without any accidents in the house. We better stick to her prescribed diet and nothing else…

Now I’m going to bed myself- with a headlight and my book. jo-nesbc3b8

7:00 AM Sunday morning

The dog barked at the door and I thought it must be urgent since she can be quite lazy in the morning.. I got up without knowing what time it was- it was light and I felt refreshed, that so it must be allright.            After putting coffee on I realized it was 7 in the morning, grey skies and the dog came back in with a loudly screaming stomach-a sure sign that she has been into something that is not meant for dogs, and now she is curled up in her bed , food untouched..

I ‘m having my favourite cottage morning, though: Up by myself, radio on, good coffee -as much as i want- and since my Hubbie has a sim card in his computer : I can post in my blog, visit “Hobbyboden” and check out my Ravelry-site! Can’t get much better than this.

We are going home today. My oldest is to be dropped off at work at 3:00 and that means we have lots of time to clean up after our days up here. I could have stayed longer but school is starting for her (high school,1st year, and for me who has some planning days before the students start in a week. Hubbie is also ready for home office from Monday, and will get in the car an go to his office Tuesday morning..

knitting away!

I have been in and out of the cottage today, knitting and watching Olympics whenever I was inside. This is how far I’ve gotten on the first sleeve. Before i started on the body I  knitted about 10 cm on a sleeve twice before I found out what needles and what size would result in the right size for my daughter.

This sleeve better be it!!!

Here are some photoes from a walk with the dog.

A walk?! I’m in!

Along the road.

unstable weather

No walk without finding a stick to carry! This one beats the record!



Back at the cottage..

Golden moments

I love getting up before anyone else up here at the cottage. Today the sun was shining after a night with rain. I had my coffee outside with my dog by my feet, the odd bird singing, otherwise complete silence. The smells and the view are ingrained in me from childhood. We’ve had this cottage for 47 years, I walked around here “helping” when my grandfather and father built it.

This place means peace and get-away from the business of life. It provides the golden moments.

Peace in the mountains.

woke up at six here at the cottage yesterday morning. The mist was visible and made magic landscapes like this:


I love getting outside right away, bringing my coffee mug and knitting.


We’ve had a couple of days with intense heat even at this altitude. Bugs of all sorts had to be warded off with sprays and roll-ons.

I brought with me all my dad’s woodcarving from home to put up here at the cottage. It fit in better in this interior than at my house. Here I am hanging up a rug that comes from my great-grandmother’s farm so it might have been woven around 1900. That means the colours must come from nature dyes and that they must have made yarn and dyed it – if not at the farm itself, so at least it’s a great possibility it was done locally. Dad made the carved top for it .