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Kristi got her hair cut yesterday and Carly and I waited for her outside the hair salon. We brought supplies to pass the time…


This is the very nice result:


In the afternoon Bill and I shopped for  a barbeque : Steaks, baked potato, peas, asparagus. Red wine. (And later cake and ice cream)


We watched “Mall Cop” after that. it was FUNNY!

-Talking about movies, Sunday night we watched “KNOWING”. That was very suspensful. Kind of suspensful in the same way as “Signs” that came out a few years ago..

Tonight Bill is out of town, Carly is expecting a friend, I have cleaned upstairs- with some assistance from the girls, we had chicken burgers at the fast food place in town (that is a couple of notches up from the big franchises, thank goodness) and I have taken out this crochet curtain to work on tonight. ( My eternal project that is hidden away for months at a time..)Did a few rounds in the morning, too.



Beach day

The girls and I – and the dog- spent the afternoon on the beach by the lake. In order to get there we have to drive for about 25 minutes. It’s such a lovely place, but for me the water is wayyyyy too cold still. The girls, and their friend whom we brought with us, did not hesitate about getting in. Good for them. I’m just fine with staying in the shade- occationally in the sun with my book or my crochet, chatting to an occational aquaintance walking by..

We are planning to repeat it tomorrow. And the mornings are so slow here now that it is swallowed up by getting up later than usual, having slow breakfasts, putting on some laundry, getting a few necessities or a fresh loaf of bread from the grocery store..

and writing some  thoughts on prepped journal pages

DSC04640(1)   DSC04641(1)

or prepping some new ones..



Another art journal spread

..was started late last night- and finished this morning while having m coffee. This post is automatically posted at noon. We are at the Rjukan Rock Festival


This time I used diluted acrylic paint for the background. On the previous page I used watercolours.

Rock Festival weekend

Rjukan Rock Festival is on this weekend and at noon Kristi and Carly are participating in a drama called “Svanerock” (Swan Rock). There are about 100 kids paticipating; the drama groups, the music students, the ballet group etc. all worked into a rock version of the Swan Lake I hear. Bill and I are going to watch. It’s outdoors so I’m glad the weather is good today.

I finished a spread in my big journal book on Thursday:


I DO have something on the go..


A new journal spread is in the making. I’m just not sitting down at the art table much these days. (maybe I have to turn to a smaller journal that I can work on in the recliner or in bed again?) I haven’t been able to make a page for the Crowabout Group this week. But I am pretty active on FLICKR. i really like the groups and artists you can draw inspiration from there.

Crowabout group collage

I woke up at six this morning- for some reason. Gave me time for latte, journaling and listening to the radio. Haven’t done any of this all week, so it was nice.


Finally a sunny day

We’ve had a bit of rain lately, but today I woke up, and came downstairs to put coffee on, finding this:


I did the dreary grocery shopping yesterday, so all I have to go out for today are newspapers for my mom and myself. I have promised myself to clean the bathroom today, and the rest of the day is for enjoyment: porch, coffees and newspapers, radio, journaling, pizzamaking…

I’m working on a new spread:


I’s just great how the sun shines in on my kitchen!

Yesterday the girls and I went to Kongsberg. We bought some jeans for them- which they desperately needed. We also visited my aunt and had lunch at their house. My one cousinn was there too, her little two year old daughter and my other cousin’s 9 year old son. After we came back here I did the shopping and went to have coffee with mom. At night the 4 of us here watched a movie together.  Carly was invited to a girl’s party at a friends house, but came home fairly early since they were going to watch a horror movie. Taht’s not her cup of tea, besides, we had been up early and she watired. I was happy about filling my day with pleasant activities.

The night before, when Kristi started felling bad from a cold coming on, her and I had tea and listened to an audio book. I did some stitching and drawing of little objects. Tried to use a pen but I’m too much of a beginner. Pencil is better for me.


It’s nice to have more than just a weekend off. Four days in a row- it’s like a mini vacation.