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Rise and shine!

If not shine so at least rise. That’s what I did- at three thirty.  Well, first I laid there feeling how some of my joints ached. I took a pill and closed my eyes. The ache subsided- my eyes were ready to see daylight! So at four thirty I got up, went out to get the newspaper, made coffee- and the dog looked at me like I was insane- and went back to sleep. (she is still sleeping!)


I finally got all the thank you cards from the confirmation done, so something really good came out of this. We’ve waited to take a photo since we forgot on the day of the party, but Carly has had a bad sty on her eye and wanted to get rid of it first. Yesterday we had to get the doctor to get her a specialist’s appointment in order to get him to cut it away. She’s pretty calm about it.. So we used a photo from inside the church. It came out really nice, but of course it doesn’t show her in her dress- but so be it. It is a nice portrait anyway. So far this morning it’s sunny but they have called for a couple of rain showers, so maybe we’ll get in the car and put the cards in the mailboxes then..


I also walked in the dewey grass this morning and cut some peones and roses to put in vases in the living room.


In the garden there are tons of peones so I thought I could cut some closest to the wall of the house and take with me indoors,


As far as the climbing roses go, I always cut them a little less than I

roses outside my window

roses outside my window

 should so they can peek into my windows. i like seeing them while I sit in the living room.. This year I left them a little too long…

Now I’m really sleepy! Maybe I should take a little nap? Nobody else is up yet anyway, and it’s only 7:40.


Grey skies

and off to school soon. They called for rain… Maybe I should put some fertilizer on the flowerbeds…

Start-up of the workweek


…with sun and breakfast, at least for two of us. Some are getting out of bed quicker than others, you see..

It’s been sunny  and warm all day and our crabapple tree is blooming!


BUT: After supper I made coffee and got all set up for an afternoon on the porch, and then the clouds moved in and I had to find a comfy place in the living room instead.


Bill has worked in the yard this afternoon getting more of our flowerbeds edged with stone.  We need a few more and a load of bark and we are all set for enjoying the garden more than work on it.


Nice job, Bill! (He wanted me to write that)

Monday of a short work week

Three days work week is ahead. It started kind of bad with Bill complaining about a sore stomach last night. He got home from Croatia at three in the morning yesterday and said he had had an upset stomach last evening there, too. Last night he ended up throwing up several times before settling and falling asleep- loudly! (Can’t blame him)He’s still asleep in bed.

I woke up to a rainy day,


a forgotten flag on the balcony (oops!) and the box full of lawn chair cushions wide open on the porch (double- oops!!!!!) My hallway is filled up with dripping cushions, floor heating put back on after having shut it off for the spring/summer. It’s tiled, so that’s the best place to dry them off. Hopefully they will be restored to something close to what they used to be…. In due time…

After this post I will pay a stack of bills on the netbank and then I will clean up my kitchen and focus on the positive: On Wednesday evening we will be looking at  a four- day – weekend ahead  and we can look back on a nice  celebration yesterday and a creative Saturday night for the girls and I .


Emma, on her part, just did what she does best:


17th of May

..went well here. Some sun and some grey skies, but no rain until late evening and night. This shot is from the market square. The elementary school is marching in with the police in front. .. One of the old factory buildings in the back.



 Not only is it the National Day with parades and celebrations, marching bands, hot dogs, ice cream and crazy “russ” (graduates) dressed in red AND redeyed from partying and lack of sleep, but it was my mother’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday, Mom , you’ve been through a lot and you’ve made it!


We  were at our house to celebrate with gifts, dinner and cake.  Since my sister and brother-in-law is in New York, we won’t have any family gathering until next month. But I think she had a good day yesterday.


I gave her the shawl I’ve been working on for a while. (Forgot to take a full photo.) She liked it a lot.

Grey skies

But I don’t care. It’s good a temperature out there and I have a good day at work ahead of me – as far as my class’ lessons go. At the end of the day we are supposed to clean up in the schoolyard for the National Day, the 17th of May, hopefully it won’t rain when we’re out there.

Our plum tree is full of flowers now, which makes me hope for a lot of fruit this fall. Last year we had none since Bill trimmed it the year before.


I’m waiting to hear if I got in on the  English 2 course that the government are offering teachers along with 40 % of our job off from teaching- with pay. I soooooo want to get in, but there are few places available and all I can think of is this… I want it so bad. I took English 1 in 2004, and I can feel it’s time for a little change and som erefreshing experiences to inspire me anew in my teaching.


Raindrops keep falling on my head

It’s raining out. I laid in bed this morning and the balcony door in the bedroon upstairs is ajar during the night now that it’s spring. I could hear that the cars were driving on a wet road. And the smell of spring! Everything is going to explode in green now. I love this season.

I start work later on Mondays, so I have time for a blog post, a shower and I’m stopping in at Mom’s to return the moss machine before heading to school.

I’m not touching a knitting needle these days, but I did a little bit of  stitching on the flanell quilt last night when Bill and I watched “Burn after reading” last night. Funny movie! The girls went to the movie theatre to see “Slumdog Millionaire”- obciously a very strong movie that made an impression on them.

In my journal I have this thing about faces now… The first two are unfinished. (Maybe the first one is me sick and tired of cooking? :-D) The old man isn’t finished either. There’s text I haven’t had time to finish

dsc03951     dsc03939

This one I finished drawing. Don’t know if I want to give it a colour wash later