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Kristi got her hair cut yesterday and Carly and I waited for her outside the hair salon. We brought supplies to pass the time…


This is the very nice result:


In the afternoon Bill and I shopped for  a barbeque : Steaks, baked potato, peas, asparagus. Red wine. (And later cake and ice cream)


We watched “Mall Cop” after that. it was FUNNY!

-Talking about movies, Sunday night we watched “KNOWING”. That was very suspensful. Kind of suspensful in the same way as “Signs” that came out a few years ago..

Tonight Bill is out of town, Carly is expecting a friend, I have cleaned upstairs- with some assistance from the girls, we had chicken burgers at the fast food place in town (that is a couple of notches up from the big franchises, thank goodness) and I have taken out this crochet curtain to work on tonight. ( My eternal project that is hidden away for months at a time..)Did a few rounds in the morning, too.



Photoes from our beach days


We are lucky to have this beach nearby. Get in the car and drive for 25 minutes along the lake and there’s the beach/campsite for anyone to enjoy. The kids go swimming no matter how cold, I need a couple of weeks of good temperatures and sunny weather in order to venture in.

Emma used to stay home when we went there the other summers, she whined and was restless about it when she was younger. Now she’s six, a middle aged lady, so to speak, so she’s more relaxed in public.  But when the girls go swimming she’s on her toes, constantly looking for them. If they go to the other side of the little “pier”, she occationally whines for them. When they come up for lunch or to lay in the sun she relaxes and has a nap.

Where are the girls?


Oh, there they are:


They’re up and resting now:DSC04647(1)

so then I can have a nap:


Am I on a different shift schedule this weekend?

Yesterday I was awake at six, got up at seven… Despite that, I didn’t go to bed until close to midnight last night. And I hadn’t been tired in the afternoon.. This morning I woke up before five and knew right away that I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. My body is restless and tense.. So now I’ve been up for two hours already, cleaned up in two stacks of papers, had two coffees, ordered some books on the internet.. Who put me on this shift???

We spent a few hours at the family show at the Rock Festival yesterday and I took some shots of the kids in the drama/music/ballet groups while they performed their Swan Rock.  Here are some of the little ballet girls and a part of the musicians in front of the scene where the hired artists and  bands were playing afterwards:


The rest of the crew: more musicians and ballet dancers. A part of the actors in the far back to the right:


 Kristi and Carly are so laid back about acting in public it amazes me every time. Several of my students were participating too, and I got some shots to show them at school, but here are my girls:



After the performance there was time for a hot dog or a pizza slice for lunch and then an ice cream. Emma came with us and just loved all the action and the attention from dog lovers and kids that wanted to pet her. But the ice cream was the most exciting thing!


And yes, she got some ,of course. Paying close attention and being persistent pays off!


After a whole week of crappy weather we had a nice, sunny day yesterday. Coming back from the Festival we spent the rest of the day on the porch, having cold beers, barbeque dinner,  coffees and we listened to music and  read the newspapers. In the evening I prepped some pages in my small art journal while watching TV. Kristi’s one friend was over and the three girls played Sims 3 and walked the dog.

Yard day.

It’s been very high temperatures here today and we have spent a long time in the sun working. Bill has started on the porch flooring that is to be replaced:


He was smack in the middle of the sun because the wood didn’t get delivered until about one. before that  we ran errands and he mowed the lawn where we put the garden furniture.

I potted plants:





We had steaks on the barbeque and cake  last night so today we went for the easy solution while working.


(you don’t see me barbequing much. So this is a rare shot)

Carly helped with the laundry:


Kristi packed this afternoon to go to a scout camp-out. Looks like she packed enough clothes…


We bought a new roof for the swing and an umbrella for shade on the porch today. That’ ll be good! I already laid in the garden swing reading the newspaper after I finished the planting, and I loved the new roof on it.


Best time of year


..is now. It’s all ahead of us. The summer, the holiday, hopefully lots of good weather. Today  is a GORGEOUS  day. We were up early, I’ve had coffee on the porch twice, we’ve been down at the building supply store ordering delivery of new wood for the porch flooring. It’s about time! The truck just pulled up.


I am going to spend some of the afternoon getting som plants potted. Went and bought some after work yesterday. Ah- the summer!!! Ah- the sunny days.

Yesterday we barbequed, had cake and coffee because both Bill and I had our birhtdays recently. Unfortunately the dog seems to be out of sorts again. We think she has pain in her front leg or shoulder. She seems to want to rest as much as possible and her head hangs low when she walks outside, and she whimpered when she moved last night. Today she seemes a bit better…poor dog, something is always the matter with her!

I have finally taken a photo of the finished shawl that I gave to Mom for her birthday.