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Kristi got her hair cut yesterday and Carly and I waited for her outside the hair salon. We brought supplies to pass the time…


This is the very nice result:


In the afternoon Bill and I shopped for  a barbeque : Steaks, baked potato, peas, asparagus. Red wine. (And later cake and ice cream)


We watched “Mall Cop” after that. it was FUNNY!

-Talking about movies, Sunday night we watched “KNOWING”. That was very suspensful. Kind of suspensful in the same way as “Signs” that came out a few years ago..

Tonight Bill is out of town, Carly is expecting a friend, I have cleaned upstairs- with some assistance from the girls, we had chicken burgers at the fast food place in town (that is a couple of notches up from the big franchises, thank goodness) and I have taken out this crochet curtain to work on tonight. ( My eternal project that is hidden away for months at a time..)Did a few rounds in the morning, too.



Half full or half empty.. An excercise in Slow Breathing Moment

It rained cats and dogs yesterday and today we are at risk of loosing all our hair if we go outside. The winds are strong and despite sunny weather it’s kind of cool. I’m having serial type hot flashes today- and it was the same yesterday so I was tilting towards the “My glass is half empty”- philosophy.


(this is my coffee mug at work. I drew it a long time ago)

But then I got to hide behind my desk instead of being present during the last two lessons at school today, so now I have corrected some tests and have decided to think of my glass as half full! My coffee mug is full of hot, fresh coffee, I’m blogging for a few minutes, I think I have an idea for my next Crowabout Collage… It’s definetly a half full glass for the time being. And I am getting so good at these little Slow Breathing Moments in between!  (God knows I have focused on practicing this last year.)

I am going to make use of my birthday present today:


The girls gave me a gift card for unlimited(!!!…???) help making supper. So I will call home and direct them towards the right items in the fridge, so that we are close to eating by the time I get home. Wednesday we have a late meeting at work. And I need to get a couple of errands done, too.

Yesterday  I ordered yarn for this project:

American Aran Afghan

(photo from the Amazon selling the pattern)

WELL, THERE’S A PROJECT THAT WILL TAKE ME A WHILE- AND TEACH ME SOME PATIENCE (while no one can talk to me in the middle of endless counting and I’ll be talking to myself, possibly with a foul language!) What was I thinking? I’m not in a knitting mood these days… 

In all fairness, I knitted one of the patches a long time ago to see if my brain could wrap itself around it. And after struggling for a while thinking it can’t possibly b a known language despite the familiar letters, it could.

Let it be noted: I bought Superwash yarn! Here. It was a third of the price compared to buying a kit from a Norwegian store. I hope it isn’t the third of the quality, too.  Half is okay with me..

17th of May

..went well here. Some sun and some grey skies, but no rain until late evening and night. This shot is from the market square. The elementary school is marching in with the police in front. .. One of the old factory buildings in the back.



 Not only is it the National Day with parades and celebrations, marching bands, hot dogs, ice cream and crazy “russ” (graduates) dressed in red AND redeyed from partying and lack of sleep, but it was my mother’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday, Mom , you’ve been through a lot and you’ve made it!


We  were at our house to celebrate with gifts, dinner and cake.  Since my sister and brother-in-law is in New York, we won’t have any family gathering until next month. But I think she had a good day yesterday.


I gave her the shawl I’ve been working on for a while. (Forgot to take a full photo.) She liked it a lot.

I was just about to download some photoes and make a posting when my camera went dead, so I had to wait until the battery had been recharged. We’ve taken my mother’s dining room table back today. We borrowed it for the confirmation weekend. Then we took a drive to the nursery and Bill got some grass seed. He is very zealos about our lawn.. We also got rid of some recycling and picked up a few things at the store. I did put a load of laundry in, but for the rest of the evening it’s just been “lounging” :

Newspaper reading, radio, TV, supper…


and a lot of this in the early evening:


Kristi playing sims,


Carly and her friend played some online game,


Bill was on his snow mobile forum (even though it is not much snowmobiling at this time of year)- and looks like he is multitasking here… or should I say multi-watching.


and I’m moving around in the world of blogging.

Bill and I have watched a movie tonight, and I have done some knitting.

I got some books in the mail today. ordered them earlier this week and now I can’t wait to leaf through this one:


I also realized this might be a good read (before the movie comes..) but it’ll have to wait until I’m done with the Story of Edgar Sawtelle that I have started. So far it’s good.


Tomorrow’s the Day!


I picked up flowers today, got a few more groceries, picked up a *kransekake*. Kristi has made flower arrangements for the table this afternoon and I lugged stuff out of the freezer, rewrote my lists…

My sister came over this evening and helped out with the last preparations. We put food on trays and stuffed it back in the fridges (I’m glad I have another fridge downstairs), we set the table, tied ribbons around the copies of the songs, picked up another table and some chairs at Mom’s.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow! I just hope we end up with a lot of nice photoes, too.


Best friends


I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family. (Song from “Barney”, a kid’s show the girls used to watch when they were little)


We are at now at the stage in our life  when the parents are up long before the kids in the house. I can remember a time when I would drink coffee at five thirty on Sundays trying to keep my toddler quiet so the rest of the family could sleep unti they woke up by themselves. now she is going on 15. And I have grown into every stage of our lives, ready and willing. Sometimes I hear about parents that don’t want their kids to grow up so fast. I’m enjoying this stage. As I did with the previous ones. I’m sure I’ll find the coming ones the same.


It’s a nice weekend weatherwise. In other ways, too. We worked towards the party next weekend, Bill in the garden, getting moss out of the lawn, putting tiles back on the roof since the wind had taken some, taking my old garden swing apart. Some guys at his workplace are going to sandblast  and spraypaint. That’ll be so cool. I love that oldfashioned swing!!


I was typing up the speech, the songs and making meatballs, shopping.. Mom came over for a barbeque in the evening. Bill cooked steaks, baked potatoes and skewers with mushrooms, peppers and onions. i prepared some asparagus and Kristi made a salad.

Today we have to attend church since the kids are supposed to participate by reading things they have worked on during confirmation classes.