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Couldn’t help it

I finished my big wallpaper journal a little while ago, and I missed the possibilities the  big spread gave me. So now I have started another. This morning I was up (too)  early and did the front and back:





The photoes turned out hazy and bad, unfortunaltely. Maybe I’ll try again later. Here are front and back together:



Beach day

The girls and I – and the dog- spent the afternoon on the beach by the lake. In order to get there we have to drive for about 25 minutes. It’s such a lovely place, but for me the water is wayyyyy too cold still. The girls, and their friend whom we brought with us, did not hesitate about getting in. Good for them. I’m just fine with staying in the shade- occationally in the sun with my book or my crochet, chatting to an occational aquaintance walking by..

We are planning to repeat it tomorrow. And the mornings are so slow here now that it is swallowed up by getting up later than usual, having slow breakfasts, putting on some laundry, getting a few necessities or a fresh loaf of bread from the grocery store..

and writing some  thoughts on prepped journal pages

DSC04640(1)   DSC04641(1)

or prepping some new ones..



journal fun

I prepped a few pages the other night sitting in the comfy chair. And then I had pages to write on as soon as I felt like it:




..And here are the books I wrote about on the journal page,they are a part of the curriculum I’m going to read in fall.

Good for something..

Since I felt fine except having to be near a bathroom today, I DID actually do some ironing and a run with the vacuum cleaner as well as a couple of loads of laundry. It’s been nice and sunny so I’ve brought my coffee out on the porch where I also sat correcting a last test that will be handed out at school tomorrow.

They called me from school and revealed where the trip was going. It was a real flop that I couldn’t go since they were going for a ride in the old bus from the 50’s around town- with guiding on board. I would’ve loooooved that!   Then a stop at the stables and in the end there is going to be turkey served at the principle’s house. She said there were two bathrooms at her house- so I went for the solution of going there when they call me from her house. I’m getting better by the hour anyway. I’m sure it will be back to normal tomorrow.

I journaled while having coffee this afternoon( some of the collage elements are from Nancy Baumiller’s collage sheets:


shuttle day

What can you do when you feel just fine- other than the fact that you have to shuttle back and forth to the toilet? That’s me today. I had to call in sick at work. The worst part is that after school the staff is  going on a  trip together. We don’t know where or what we are going to do (other than have a meal somewhere), only the principal knows.

I feel fine, really, so I’m thinking… what can I do on a day like this?






weave? (my loom is at home since we are going to move our weaving night to another facility)

Maybe I’ll just take another trip tp the toilet…. 😦

Another art journal spread

..was started late last night- and finished this morning while having m coffee. This post is automatically posted at noon. We are at the Rjukan Rock Festival


This time I used diluted acrylic paint for the background. On the previous page I used watercolours.

Rock Festival weekend

Rjukan Rock Festival is on this weekend and at noon Kristi and Carly are participating in a drama called “Svanerock” (Swan Rock). There are about 100 kids paticipating; the drama groups, the music students, the ballet group etc. all worked into a rock version of the Swan Lake I hear. Bill and I are going to watch. It’s outdoors so I’m glad the weather is good today.

I finished a spread in my big journal book on Thursday: