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journal fun

I prepped a few pages the other night sitting in the comfy chair. And then I had pages to write on as soon as I felt like it:




..And here are the books I wrote about on the journal page,they are a part of the curriculum I’m going to read in fall.


Nightie night

I woke at three last night and couldn’t go back to sleep… In the end I got up and sat here in this little cottage as quiet as a mouse with my knitting and my book. (Jo Nesbø: Frelseren. Man, he’s good!!) At six I gave the dog her breakfast and let her out and turned the tv on low to watch biathlon. Carly and Bill got up around 8:30. I was ready for the second round of coffee.. When Kristi came a couple of hours later it was with her blanket and a feeling of being very sick. She has spent the entire day on the couch. Hope she feels better tomorrow!

I had to cave in and have a nap myself around 2:00. I slept like a baby for two hours and then supper was almost ready and I felt so refreshed. I’ve done nothing but some knitting, needlepoint, journaling and some cleaning up today. Tomorrow we are hoping for a good day weatherwise. They call for some sun and we thought we’d have a fire and eat hot dogs outside. We’ll have to see about the meal if Kristi is better. But we’ll definetly spend more time outdoors than today!

Now everyone is sleeping exept me. The dog was given to small pieces of chicken today. It’s the second time we try some regular food other than her special dry food for sensitive stomachs. As all the others went to bed she puked and begged to run outside and relieve herself . Now she has settled into her bed and she’ll hopefully sleep without any accidents in the house. We better stick to her prescribed diet and nothing else…

Now I’m going to bed myself- with a headlight and my book. jo-nesbc3b8

My Hour of the Day

Is now: only Emma and I in the house. The ohters went to RJUKANBADET for a swim (another good reason to visit my town)


These are the ingredients for a nice,quiet ME- time:



This last picture is my latest daytime reading book( I always have another one by my bedside: A Thousand Splendid Suns, right now) Kate Morton is the author. Seems good so far, in an old-fashioned mystery- genre way..)