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Kristi got her hair cut yesterday and Carly and I waited for her outside the hair salon. We brought supplies to pass the time…


This is the very nice result:


In the afternoon Bill and I shopped for  a barbeque : Steaks, baked potato, peas, asparagus. Red wine. (And later cake and ice cream)


We watched “Mall Cop” after that. it was FUNNY!

-Talking about movies, Sunday night we watched “KNOWING”. That was very suspensful. Kind of suspensful in the same way as “Signs” that came out a few years ago..

Tonight Bill is out of town, Carly is expecting a friend, I have cleaned upstairs- with some assistance from the girls, we had chicken burgers at the fast food place in town (that is a couple of notches up from the big franchises, thank goodness) and I have taken out this crochet curtain to work on tonight. ( My eternal project that is hidden away for months at a time..)Did a few rounds in the morning, too.



Journaling Friday Night

Kristi and I had a journaling evening last night. She got right into it with me. The coffee table was filled with paper cutouts, crayons, paintbrushes, glue.. and chili nuts, soda pop, beer glasses..


At the same time we were watching Eagle Eye with Bill. Pretty action filled! Other than getting my heart rate up at times due to the movie I was in a wonderfully  relaxed weekend-state-of-mind.



Carly had other plans, she doesn’t like action movies, so she chatted with her friend on MSN and watched some episodes of a favourite show on YOUTUBE in the other end of the livingroom.

This is , however, a drawing CARLY made a few weeks ago: